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18 Things a Feminine Woman Carries in her Purse.

Updated: May 9

A Purse is a very functional tool when used exactly how it is intended. Making sure you have everything you need throughout the day. It can make all the difference between a good/ bad day and life/death.

Yes, life and death!

A Purse is not only useful for carrying around the things that keep you looking good throughout the day but to ensure your days run as smoothly and as safely as possible.

What you are about to read is our list of 18 Top Items every feminine woman should carry in her purse. Of course, it depends on the need of that woman specifically, however, this list can be a starting point for any woman who desires to be more refined and is eager to learn in all of the areas of which she can began to cultivate. So, let’s get into this list.

"Preparation is Key.

Staying cute is a bonus".

1. Ink Pen

An ink pen is a necessary tool throughout a busy day. To fill out an application or give a signature at the post office; it’s always good to have your own ink pen. Investing in a few quality pens is a very good idea for an individual who wants to be more refined. Every aspect of your life can appreciate a good upgrade. With your own ink pen you can also avoid the spread of germs and bacteria. One pen at the post office is used by over 1,200 different hands a day. Think about that for a second. Your ink pen doesn’t have to be costly or fancy, but the right pen adds to your confidence. If you want to make a real investment, there are places like Office Depot that can customize your pens with your business name or favorite scripture. If you make them special, you’ll be mindful not to leave it anywhere. How cute is that, right?!

2. Tissue or Handkerchief

Running out of Kleenex can be the most inconvenient thing to happen when you’re away from home. Enough to make you avoid speaking to people--in fear of what’s hanging from your nose. For a woman who desires to be more refined, choosing a handkerchief over Kleenex always gives a woman a softer appearance. Being able to wash and reuse “hankies” is cost efficient and more sanitary. Preferably something soft and made of natural fibers like cotton or linen, to protect your skin from rawness and blisters due to the wiping and rubbing. Handkerchiefs are found in any department store nearest you.

3. Compact Mirror

It's common for a woman to pull out her phone and use her dark screen as a mirror--which can easily be mistaken for recording or taking a picture of someone. A compact mirror is classier and gives a very "lady like" appeal. What you're doing with a mirror is way more evident. Putting your phone down for a while and using items made specifically for its purpose always makes you more prepared.

4. Lotion or Body butter

After a restroom break, washing your hands can be uncomfortable if you can’t follow up with moisturizer. You tend to feel self-conscious about handing the cashier your money because she may notice the crisp and crust between each knuckle. For your own comfort, having a small jar of lotion or body butter is always a great way to be prepared. If you’re out and about it’s very likely you will wash your hands and need it. As wives and mothers, what we carry in our purse is never solely for us. The average man can care less about these things-- although when you are prepared it makes him smile. A man loves a prepared woman. They can leave the house with nothing and trust that you have everything. It just works.

5. Perfume or Oil

We’re very familiar with the “outside smell”. Growing up, when you came in from playing outside your mom would say “you smell like outside”. If you’re not familiar with that, let me explain. Being outdoors and being exposed to the natural elements; the sun, pollen, grass, trees, and pollution in the air-- it mixes with a person’s natural body sweat and odor that creates a very subtle but unfavorable stench. Sometimes it’s hard for us to smell it on ourselves but we can smell it on others. It has little to nothing to do with lacking proper hygiene so don’t take offense--it’s there and expected. Just be aware of that. Have body oil or perfume to refresh yourself when coming in from outside is essential. It’s something a feminine woman is always mindful of. Having oil/perfume is helpful until you can get home and shower for the evening. Just be mindful of overindulging. Using too much perfume can irritate someone's sinuses and allergies. It doesn't have to be expensive or popular. Personally, I prefer chemical free and natural products. Oils are my number one choice.

6. Chapstick or Lip Gloss

Chapped lips can make social interaction very uncomfortable. Constantly licking your lips, causing rawness and dehydration to the mouth can make a person very self-conscious and insecure. The lips are at the forefront of the face. One of the first things people notice, especially when you begin to speak. Taking care of your lips is very important. Too much gloss is unnecessary. Glossy lips can be distracting during a conversation. Minimizing the shine and going with an oil-based chap stick would be ideal. The overall objective is to have some type of moisturizer for your lips throughout the day and suitable for all seasons. Natural is always the best option. I highly recommend shopping with all natural local brands first.

7. Safety Pin

Seems like such a small thing but can make all the difference. Have you ever popped a button on a blouse or torn the hem of your dress with your heel? Safety pins come in handy when little mishaps occur and you’re trying to hold it all together. A safety pin is one of those items that can always be useful. You can always use one but never have one when you need it.

8. Bobby Pin

My natural sisters can certainly understand this one. Leaving home with one natural style and coming home to it looking a completely different way. You can laugh, it’s funny! Bobby pins come in great use when you have to “tame” your kinky woolly afros. Staying prepared is key. Staying cute is a bonus.

9. Scrunchy or Ponytail holder

To expand on hair, being able to “tame” it throughout the day is sometimes necessary. Pulling it back into a ponytail is very likely to happen. At that point it doesn’t matter. You’re prepared for it!

10. Wipes

Comes in handy during your “Flower" or “Time of separation” (menstruation), to wipe up spills in the car, for cleaning your hands before and after meals, wiping off a swing at the park or cleaning your child’s hands after dessert. Wipes are always useful. Travel size is ideal.

11. Hand Sanitizer

Sanitizer is a great substitute for hand washing when you’re on the go. It should never replace the use of soap and water. Travel size fits perfectly in your purse. A bigger bottle would be great for the car. If you can find a natural option, that is a perfect!

12. Self-defending Object

Taser (illegal in some states), pepper spray or a firearm is necessary, today. I’m not a supporter of violence but I am a supporter of Self-defense. Single or married women should know how to properly store and use their self-defense item. Be wise. If you're considered “hot head” or short tempered, you should refrain from carrying a firearm. Having a firearm could either save your life or ruin it, if you don't have self-control. Every woman should have something to defend herself with against predators.

13. Peppermint or Chewing Gum

For a lady, having bad breath is not attractive whatsoever. Take the time to buy a few peppermints or chewing gum to keep your breath fresh during a conversation. There’s nothing like getting a whiff of bad breath in the midst of a conversation. Gum and mints do not replace practicing proper dental hygiene. Take good care of your teeth. Eat as clean as possible. Having regular bowel movements cut down the chances of having bad breath. Visit your dentist as often as possible. There's nothing worse than a beautiful woman with bad breath and teeth. Take care of yourself, sis.

14. Nail Clipper or Kit

Having a nail filer, clipper or nail kit helps prevent nails issues while on the go. It can be very painful to have a “hang nail” that gets snagged on a shirt or sweater. Having a nail kit and clipper accessible can avoid this. Every woman should have something to assist in the case this happens. Breaking your nails and ripping them off can be a health hazard. When your skin in broken and exposed, germs can settle in it and cause infection. Being able to clip off the nail could eliminate that problem. Keep the items clean and sterilized regularly.

15. Membership Card

A woman with a membership is a woman who is not afraid of commitment. Whether it’s a gym membership, Salon, recreational center, or her favorite department store. Feminine women dedicate and invest their spare time in personal development. Mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and physically. Just to have personal time, doing all her favorite things. It sounds small but it takes effort, investment, and consistency to maintain a membership. That’s admirable. For safety purposes, having a AAA membership/roadside assistance, is vital. In the case your car breaks down and your husband cannot get to you--having this service to fix a flat or tow your disabled car, is a life saver. No matter how independent you may be, it is never ok for a woman to be on the side of the road trying to fix a flat. Always be prepared. Your life depends on it.

16. Book or Literature

Most places of business have pamphlets and magazines placed on the waiting room table. For a feminine woman she doesn’t mind waiting if that means she can catch up on her current read.

Carrying your own literature is ideal. Especially if you are very selective. I personally love clean content—biblical literature and uplifting material. If you’re like me, I encourage you to check out my publication, Cover’d Girlz Magazine. I have an amazing team of sisters/writers who help build this magazine to where it is today. Thank me later!

17. Business or Ministry Card

I never pass up the opportunity to spread the “Good News”. Ministering to The Most High’s people is something we should all be employed to do. Carrying around flyers, or business cards to help someone embark on their journey to getting to know and live for God. Something that a virtuous woman can’t wait to share. Her life is ordered by The Most High therefore her conversation, environment, friendships, and interactions are all ordered by Him. She fears The Most High. She lives for the opportunity to shine her light for The Father’s glory. You don't have to belong to a church or congregation to do that. Sharing your business card shows a woman who applies her hands to good work. Sharing this information allows people to support your endeavors and possibly collaborate with you. Don't block your blessings. Always be prepared.

18. Stamps for letters With social media, texting, and email—handwritten letters are becoming an ancient art. However, everyone should know how to properly write a letter. How to spell and articulate their points in writing. How to mail a letter. A feminine woman loves to write letters, send invitations, “Get well soon” and “Thank you” cards. One thing she will always be sure to get every month or so-- is a book of stamps. A letter in the mail always adds a special touch to a gift. Unexpected and personable. Every woman should make it a habit to write and mail letters and cards, as often as possible. Like the proverbs 31 woman, she extended her hand to those in need. Sometimes what a person need is a kind gesture. A good habit indeed.

Final Thoughts

I hope you found this list helpful. Remember, you can add or take away from it. Depending on the size of the purse you can decide which items will be most useful to take with you--fit for the occasion. We're doing our absolute best to become our absolute Best. Small changes like knowing what to put in your purse can make all the difference in the functionality of your days. Due to not being prepared for day-to-day mishaps, we don't consider how it affect our attitudes and lack of patience. When you’re prepared, you don’t get upset when things happen. You get ready. It defeats the purpose to have a decent size bag with nothing useful in it. A Purse is so much more than an accessory. It’s a necessity. Preparation is key. Staying cute is a bonus.

Proverbs 19:14 KJV

House and riches are the inheritance of fathers: And a prudent wife is from the LORD.

Prudent: acting with or showing care and thought for the future:

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