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Etiquette for Homeschoolers! Add etiquette lessons to your homeschool curriculums.


Add etiquette training to your homeschool curriculum so your child/ren can get consistent access to this training for 8 weeks!


  • One-time fee that covers the full 8-Weeks.

  • Virtual Classes via Zoom.

  • Weekly assignments 

  • Separate age groups

  • Certificate of Completion, and Gift Bags upon completion of the program.

Registration opens soon!


Students have access to..

We are here to assist families with giving our youth the best foundation of support.


Each week the girls receive worksheets based on the information gained in each class. The opportunity for them to exercise their knowledge.

We inspire young girls to have confidence and to advance in all areas of life.


The girls get to interact with other girls in a group setting. 

The biggest misconception about homeschooling is the children don't get the opportunity to socialize as opposed to public school. This program allows them to connect and interact with girls their age.

Our lessons are presented with practical exercises and demonstrations to create visuals that will last forever.


Virtual learning can sometimes be a drag. With our courses the girls are not just looking at a screen and slideshows. We laugh, we read, we play games, and we act out scenarios. We understand the importance of children being visual learners and take utilize that as much as possible. 

What our customers are saying

Highly recommend this Etiquette course Be True School of Virtue and Etiquette with sister D Shanelle Israel. Being a homeschool mom it's nice to switch things up and have my children learn from someone other than my husband and I. Sister Shanelle is the epitome of etiquette/class/shamefacedness, so teaching it, you can tell comes so natural for her. My 7-year-old fell in love with sister Shanelle's lessons on dining, being on the phone, bathroom etiquette at home and in public places, etc... there are so many things she touches on that provide a lot of insight that even myself had to be reminded about. My Jordyn was so excited at the end of her classes each week to discuss what she learned!

This virtual experience was time well spent and we look forward to signing up for future homeschool events!!

Thank you!!!

Sister J

My 12-year-old daughter participated in this program and was so enthusiastic about it right from the beginning due to the fact that she could meet other young sisters. However, she didn't quite understand the purpose of learning etiquette. That all changed after the first class. She learned so much. Although she was already very polite and well mannered, I definitely saw her behavior become a bit more polished and refined. She was even able to teach me some things she learned that we still apply. Miss Shanelle is so sweet, and I can tell she genuinely loves and cares for each of her students. My daughter was sad when the program ended. We're both very grateful for the experience.

Sister N

This is a very great opportunity to learn more on how to represent TMH in all that you do. The dining Etiquette was a favorite for my 9-year-old twins, but overall, they enjoyed the classes and learning more about etiquette and applying it in their everyday lifestyle.

Sister A

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