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Dinner Table

Services for Professionals

Grooming public figures, artists and professionals in the areas of refinement is a nurturing skill. Our clients benefit greatly by adding an Image consultant to their team to ensure that they show up as their absolute best. As an Image Consultant, our services include creating Image strategies, Refinement training (Etiquette), public speaking, client representation, Self-presentation & knowing your style, Networking, and so much more. 

One-on-one Services, presentations, demonstrations, closet audits and evaluation.

Visit Image Consulting for access to these services. 

Business Lunch & Dinner Parties

  • Dining Etiquette Lessons

  • Self-presentation

  • Appropriate Conversation

  • Dining Etiquette Training

  • Dining Mishaps and more.

Image Consulting

  • Public figures, artists and professionals.

  • Self-presentation

  • Styling

  • Public Speaking Preparation

  • Public Relations

Single Professional & Date Night Etiquette

  • Date night Dos and Don'ts

  • Appropriate dress

  • Conversation

  • Awkward moments

  • Table manners and more.

Traditional Skill building

  • Goal Setting

  • Goal Implementation

  • Skill building workshops: Sewing, First aid, and more.

  • Resources & Tools

What Our Clients Say

Refreshments on Table

Tara S. Esq

As a former client, I can attest to Sis Shanelle as the consummate femininity consultant. I have relied upon her for assistance in balancing various aspects of life (such as a male dominated career, homeschooling, and marriage) and she showed care and conscientiousness in tailoring a plan with practical solutions that comport with the Most High’s laws and expectations for me as an aspiring virtuous woman. When systemic gendered racism is prevalent in a career that sometimes requires a level of assertiveness, it is crucial that we are intentional about preserving our feminine qualities and perfecting the image that The most high calls us to possess. Shanelle provided the honesty, objectivity and know-how that was necessary to my growth in this season and reminded me of the softness and gentleness that we ought to exude in a challenging and callous world. I recommend her to the housewives, working wives/mothers, homeschooling wives, or young women aspiring to walk in accordance with what The Most High intends.
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