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Be True School of Virtue and Etiquette

Welcome to Be True School of Virtue & Etiquette! 

A training service that equips women with the knowledge and practicalities needed to preserve virtuous feminine qualities and character to help them achieve total balance in their personal and professional lives. As virtuous women, we learn to be diligent in our work, honorable in our deeds, and skillful with our hands--sharing our gifts and impacting the world around us. 


Here at Be True school of Virtue & Etiquette our clients are trained in the areas of: Social Etiquette, Dining Etiquette, Professional Etiquette, Femininity, and Cross-Cultural Awareness. Our clients learn to authentically present themselves as feminine and refined women with the transparency needed to understand cross-cultural differences. The information gained through our courses will help you develop a diverse networking circle, dismantle communication barriers, and cultivate soft confidence needed in any setting.

If you’re a woman looking to begin your refinement journey; by enhancing your feminine image, learning to balance your personal and professional life, developing collaborative and team building skills, and leaving lasting impressions—this is the place for you!

Good Day!

My name is Daffany S. Rogers (Matron Shanelle), and I am an International Etiquette Consultant, Femininity Coach and life skill educator. I am from Paterson, NJ and I've been residing in North Carolina for 10 years. I am a wife, mother of three and a woman of faith. 


I am the founder of Be True school of Virtue & Etiquette, an etiquette service that educates and trains girls and women on refinement and femininity.  I have an educational background in Cross-cultural Awareness, Public Relations and I am an advocate for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

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Disclaimer: This company is not owned or operated by medical professionals. Our services are not intended to heal or cure mental health disparities and illnesses. Our programs are NOT intended to replace medical treatment. If you believe you are suffering from mental illnesses or physical distress/abuse, please seek medical and emergency care right away. We reserve the right to deny servicing clients under these circumstances. Well wishes & Be Blessed.

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