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Flowers in Goblet
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Matron Shanelle

Daffany S. Rogers

International Etiquette Consultant & Femininity Coach




Charlotte, NC, USA 


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Meet your Etiquette Consultant & Feminine Coach

My name is Daffany S. Rogers (Matron Shanelle), and I am an International Etiquette Consultant, Femininity Coach and life skill educator. I am from Paterson, NJ and I've been residing in North Carolina for 10 years. I am a wife, mother of three and a woman of faith. Family is the foundation of all that I do. I am the founder of Be True school of Virtue & Etiquette, an etiquette service that educates and trains girls and women on refinement and femininity.  I have an educational background in Cross-cultural Awareness, Public Relations and I am an advocate for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. I've invested over 9 years of experience in the field and is rearing a son (9 yrs. old) who is autistic has opened my mind and heart up to understanding and appreciating those who are different--witnessing them positively impact the world around us. 

I am also the Editor-in-Chief of Cover'd Girlz Magazine ("The Nation's Wholesome Magazine"). A seasonal publication that promotes a righteous lifestyle: modesty, abstinence & celibacy, wellness, skill building, homeschool, righteous marriage, nation building and traditional femininity. Highlighting women who do great works in the community, who are beautiful modest examples and who exemplifies the Fruit of the Spirit.

My journey has not been easy. Like many, I was not raised on these principals. However, I knew I couldn't blame anyone or my environment for what I didn't have access to. I went out to get it! I had to do a lot of healing, taking accountability, forgiving, unlearning, relearning, implementing and taking all of the necessary steps to bettering myself. I now use the wisdom gained along the years to help individuals from all around the world, on their personal and professional journey.


I am enthusiastic about traveling to new places, learning new things (history, languages, art, etc.), developing new skills and pouring back into my community--while making a positive impact on the world. Being the best version of myself--who my husband can be proud of, who my children can honor and one who my community respects. I am blessed to have guided many of women along their journeys. Women who have made desired connections, confidently expanded their network, and conquered their most challenging feminine incompetencies. ​

You too can achieve these soft elementsbut it has to be important enough to you. With some guidance, you can show up as your best. "We don't fake it til we make it," here! We do the work so these soft elements can become the very things that bring out the most authentic sides of you. More enlightened and a bit more polished.  Be you, Be True! 

I absolutely LOVE what I do!

Flowers in Goblet
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